Town Board

Our Supervisor, William E. Carman, is the presiding officer at meetings of the Town Board, serves as the Town Executive/Administrator, and oversees the Town's financial affairs. In addition, he is the representative of the Town on the Livingston County Board of Supervisors. The legislative authority of the Town rests with the Town Board, of which the Supervisor is a voting member. Board responsibilities include but are not limited to: for the Town's fiscal management and oversight to ensure that the Town's assets are safeguarded, recorded and accounted for properly. Board members are also responsible for making sound financial decisions that are in the best interests of the Town and its residents. The Board enters into contracts for provisions of services on the residents behalf, such as fire protection and emergency medical services. Also filling vacancies in Town offices, adopting the budget, fixing the salaries of officers and employees, establishing rules of procedure and designating the Town's official newspaper.


Contact Information:

Supervisor, William E. Carman term expires 12/31/2019

Office Hours vary, call for an appointment.


  • 585-243-1750 - Town Hall
  • 585-243-3810 - Fax

Mailing Address:

William E. Carman, Supervisor

Town of Groveland

4955 Aten Road

Groveland, NY 14462

Hearing Notice

Supervisor Newsletters

Supervisor Tentative Agenda

Tentative Agenda Packet

Schedule of all Town Meetings

Town Board Minutes

Deputy Supervisor:

William Devine 585-243-5087

Additional Board Members:

Amy Phelps - 585-721- 0771 Elected Term expires 12/31/21

Ron Niedermaier - 585-747-7251 Elected Term expires 12/31/21

William Devine - 585-243-5087 Elected Term expires 12/31/19

Steve Atterbury - 585-269-4806 Elected Term expires 12/31/19

Town Attorney:

Appointed by case by case as needed

Town Board Meeting Schedule - Town Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM at the Town Hall, 4955 Aten Road. All meetings are open meetings, and the public is encouraged to attend.


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