Tax Collection

Sandra L. Bean, Tax Collector


Contact Information:

     585-243-1750 office

     585-243-3810 fax

    4955 Aten Road

    Groveland, NY 14462

The Groveland Town & County tax rates are determined in December of each year and as of January 2016 are as follows: County 8.385891 Town 4.626333, Groveland Fire .459338, Station Light District .397013, West Lake Light District .064473.

The Geneseo Central School, their tax rate is determined in September and as of September 2015 is 16.425023. Geneseo is the main school district in the Town of Groveland; however, some homes fall in the Dansville, Mt. Morris and Livonia School District.


To calculate your individual taxes divide your assessment by 1,000 and then multiply the tax rates and add it all together with unit lighting(if applies), & Fire charge. Some properties have Water and Sewer charges.

To get the current assessed value of your property or any property in the county (click here)

To get Paid Tax amounts for both Town & School (Click here) but you must select the County Treasurer Department and then Historical Tax Inquiry.


Geneseo School District Directory (click here)

Dansville School District Directory (click here)


Town/County tax bills issued January 1st of each year includes current base amount without penalty and may include any unpaid school, water or sewer payments. February is January payment plus 1% penalty. March includes January  amount plus 2% penalty and $2.00 mailing fee. April 1st taxes are turned over to the County Treasurer with any unpaid amount plus 5% penalty and 1% interest is added per month until payment made. The County Treasurer can be reached @ 585-243-7050.


        Tax Year                                              Date of Bill is Issued

Town/County - Jan 1 --- Dec 31                          Jan. 1st

School July 1 - June 30                                       Sept. 1st    (Issued & collected by                                                                                                          the school)


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