9/09 Agenda

Town of Groveland, NY

Farmland Protection Plan



Farmland Protection Plan Committee Meeting

September 22, 2009

7PM to 9PM

    I. Brief Introduction

      a. Summary of discussion with NYS Ag and Markets and Livingston County.


    II. Review of Existing Land Use Mapping and Data

      • CHA and County’s GIS Mapping Role
      • Review of Existing Land Use Patterns
      • Discuss Trends, Issues and Concerns

    III. Questionnaire Review

      • Discuss Purpose
      • Review Question, Content and Modifications
      • Identify Administration Strategies and Schedule

    IV. Discuss Next Steps

      • Data Collection Continues
      • Discuss Public Participation Opportunities and Notices
      • Schedule Town Hall Interviews/Residence Interviews & Next Meeting
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