11/09 Minutes

Town of Groveland Farmland Protection Plan

Public Meeting Minutes

DATE: November 17, 2009

PLACE: Town of Groveland Town Hall

TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 PM



    Name                            Affiliation

  • Michael Alexander CHA, Planner
  • Walt Kalina CHA, Planner
  • Brad A. Macauley Council/Committee
  • Tim Sullivan Zoning Board
  • Ted McCauley Committee Member
  • Craig Phelps Town Board, AC Committee Chair
  • Burt Lyon Town Board

PURPOSE: CHA conducted a Public Informational Meeting with the intent of conducting a

SWOT analysis. However, due to a low turn-out, the SWOT analysis was postponed and CHA

conducted a discussion that included the following.


1. Mike advised the committee that there is an upcoming webinar training session by the American Farmland Trust. The session is free, you just need to pre-register online.


2. The County is still short staffed with GIS planners. CHA is in touch with the County and will coordinate the development of additional analysis maps.


3. Walt provided a brief overview of the Livingston County Farmland Protection Plan. Eric was the only one in attendance that participated in the development of the plan. The plan includes a SWOT analysis that Walt took some time to review. The plan is a public document and can be accessed through the county in case anyone is interested in reviewing it prior to the next meeting.


4. A brief discussion was held with the committee regarding the completion of the survey forms. The committee said that the maps provided with the survey were hard to read. So, in many cases the respondents did not use the maps or reference them in their responses. More space needs to be provided for Section II, Number 1.


5. Walt discussed the need to analyze the zoning for three parcels within the Town. The parcels should be 10, 20, and 30 acres respectively. A build out of the parcels should be conducted to test the zoning to illustrate potential impacts to agriculture from development. The committee identified half dozen potential sites to consider.


6. The committee encouraged CHA to use the recent draft changes to the zoning ordinance from March 2009 being considered for the analysis even though it has not been adopted yet. The zoning map CHA is using is outdated. CHA needs to get the new map from the Town. (It was pointed out that there is a new light and heavy industrial district within the town.)


7. Mike reviewed the survey matrix. Information from the surveys needs to be entered within the matrix. Eric Grace offered to have his interns do data entry. CHA will provide Eric with the necessary data to complete this task.


8. Mike reminded the committee that they need to keep track of their time spent on this project. The Town needs to log their hours and submit them to the state for part of their in-kind services.


9. Walt encouraged the committee to continue reaching out to the farmers who have not answered the survey.


10. Walt suggested postponing the SWOT analysis because there was no representation from the public at the meeting. The committee agreed and suggested that the Town mail a letter to the farming community asking them to attend the SWOT analysis meeting and return any unanswered surveys.


11. Mike confirmed that the Town contains 922 parcels. Of these, 144 are dedicated to agriculture.


Next meeting: The Committee Visioning and SWOT Analysis meeting is tentatively scheduled for December 15, 2009, from 7-9 PM.

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