8/09 Minutes

Town of Groveland Farmland Protection Plan

Kick-off Meeting Minutes


DATE: August 18, 2009

PLACE: Town of Groveland Town Hall

TIME: 7:00 – 9:00PM






Walt Kalina

CHA, Project Manager

Michael Alexander

CHA, Planner

Ron Claud

Advisory Committee

John La Grou


Alice La Grou


Bo Freeman

Cornell Cooperative Director

Jim DeCamp

Planning Board

Tim Sullivan

Zoning Board

Ted McCauley


David Doty

Zoning Board

Roger Haich

Planning Board

John Driscoll

Chairman, Planning Board

Eric Grace

Genesee Valley Conservation

Steve Burnette

Advisory Committee

Adam Meyer

Advisory Committee

Brad Macauley

Advisory Committee

Kevin Niedermaier

Town Board

Bill Carman

Town Board

Craig Phelps

Town Board, AC Committee Chair

Burt Lyon

Town Board

James C. Merrick

Town Supervisor

Sandra Bean

Town Clerk

PURPOSE: CHA conducted the kick-off session with the Advisory Committee members and the public to identify the purpose of the Farmland Protection Plan, work tasks to be accomplished during the planning process and identify issues of concern. 



Town Supervisor, James Merrick, introduced himself and explained that the purpose of the meeting was to kick-off the farmland protection plan.  The Supervisor then asked everyone to introduce themselves. 

Walt Kalina reviewed the meeting’s agenda and stated that the goal of Farmland Protection Plan is to identify goals, strategies, and recommendations that will assist the Town in enhancing its agricultural industry.  The plan will be developed consistent with NYS Ag. & Markets Section 25, and will also include the development of a future land use plan that can be considered as part of the Town’s comprehensive plan.

Although the Farmland Protection Plan is not technically a “comprehensive plan” it will contain a common element – the future land use map.  Thus, the Town of Groveland will gain additional benefit through this planning process in that it will develop a product that can be used to help guide future land use decisions as well as promote farmland protection.

Mike from CHA noted that the plan is just a non-regulatory guiding document, as opposed to a regulatory document such as zoning or local laws.

Walt asked everyone to review and provide comments on the draft questionnaire.  The questionnaire will be used to collect information from as many farmers as possible to learn about past trends, identify issues and opportunities, and help forecast future trends.

The advisory committee will need to help administer the questionnaire.  Three attempts will be made, which include: 1- face to face interviews at the Town Hall, 2 – on site interviews at the farmer’s place of residence, 3 – mailing of the form.

Walt reviewed CHA’s work tasks.  Major highlights include the need to conduct a SWOT analysis, the questionnaire forms, identification of existing conditions, the land use plan, vision, goals and objectives.

A comment was made in regards to the questionnaire form that we need to state that “local economy” refers to business conducted within the county.

A comment was made that there is not much demand to build residential subdivisions, but more of a demand to build single family houses on large lots.

The plan will identify development opportunities resulting from the presence of sewer and water infrastructure and will consider any additional sewer and water infrastructure needs, especially by the lake.

There is a large salt mine by Hampton’s Corners.  Blasting operations occur at night, and vibrations can be felt.  About 240 people are employed there.  The mine is about 1,400 feet deep.  Mineral right issues should be investigated.  It is an American Salt mine.

In 1994, part of a mine collapsed and resulted in aquifer groundwater contamination issues.

Need to look into natural gas drilling issues, watershed restriction issues.

Groveland has a strong Family Farm base.  Many farmers “rent their farmland”.  There may be a website that identifies what farms rent land.

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) has assisted AVON with a farmland protection plan. 

CCE helped with the development of a watershed study that should be reviewed and considered as part of this planning process.

CHA will coordinate with Livingston County Planning to get mapping and other data for the Plan.

Next meeting: Advisory Committee, Tuesday September 22, 7-9pm at the Town Hall.


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