Groveland consists of eight (8) Cemeteries


  • LAKE VIEW CEMETERY – Located on David Gray Hill Road
    • Known burials 1815 – current
    • Owned and Operated by the Town of Groveland
    • Open for burials: If interested in purchasing plots contact Snyder Brothers @ (585) 335-9820
    • Cemetery Rules
    • Cemetery Rates
  • GLENWOOD CEMETERY- Located on Groveland Hill Road
    • Known burials 1812-1988 – Mostly mid & Late 1800’s
    • Owned and Maintained by the Town of Groveland
    • Maybe undocumented graves here also. The south bank slid down to the creek and some stones may have been lost. Some stones down and buried.
  • WILLIAMSBURGH – Located on Abele Road
    • Known burials 1814-1909 – Mostly in Mid 1800’s
    • Owned and Maintained by Town of Groveland
    • This cemetery was created in 1790’s but there are no records of it. If there were graves, they probably used wooden crosses that would soon be deteriorated.
  • PIONEER CEMETERY – Located on State Route 63 – Groveland Station Road Near Logan Road
    • Known burials 1807 – 1850
    • Owned & Maintained by the Town of Groveland
    • There maybe undocumented graves here. This maybe where the Lost graves of the 1790’s to late 1810’s are, or some at least. The stones are in very poor shape; due to the shale type stone used. Readable stones were surveyed in the 1950’s. Many of the people buried here are from the settlement at the “Hermitage”
  • SHAKER CEMETERY – Located off Moyer Road on the border of Groveland & Mt. Morris at Sonyea.
    • Known burials 1837-1894
    • There is a small plot in back of Camp Groveland. It is on Restricted Prison Property.
    • There are just a few small stones with no names. 100 Shaker men & women moved there in 1837 & lived there for 37 years.
    • The Shaker Prayer stone was uncovered much later after the shakers left Sonyea. The Shaker Prayer stone and other Shaker things are on display at the Livingston County Museum at 30 Center Street, Geneseo, NY 14454
  • CRAIG COLONY FOR EPILEPTIC CEMETERY- There are 2 locations – These cemeteries were associated with the Craig Colony Hospital
    • #1 Cemetery is located in DEC Sonyea Forest approximately 1.5 miles southwest of the water tower. Access to the area only by Union Corners Road to Sonyea State Forest.
    • Known burials 1896 - 1909
    • Grave sites are in woods about 50-100 ft. from the Road. Only one gravestone there (Charity Savage – 1909). The rest are numbered metal markers. Believed to be approximately 200 graves there.
    • #2 Cemetery is located off Moyer Road otherwise known as Craig Colony or Sonyea
    • Known burials 1909-1979
    • There about 2,165 people buried here.
    • It is open to the public, but Prisoners are exercising near by and the guards watch the area closely.
    • Uniform gravestones aligned in military fashion with the name and date of death on each stone. One section each for Catholics, Protestants and Jewish.
    • In the fall of 1909 Patients were buried in the large cemetery.
    • Looking for names: click on link below or copy and paste into browser.
    • www.findagrave.com
  • AMBUSCADE MONUMENT- Located in Ambuscade Park – 5440 David Gray Hill Road
    • September 13, 1779 – Sullivan Campaign
    • Lieut. Thomas Boyd scouting party was ambushed here and 15 of the party was killed
    • These soldiers were buried here.
    • In 1841 they were dug up and transported to Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY
    • The Town of Groveland Host Reenactments at this site occasionally, and has great literature on the Sullivan Campaign.
  • PRAY CORNERS CEMETERY – Located Corner of Swan Hill Road County. Road #45 on Swan Hill Road
    • No cemetery found. Charles Culbertson who lived on opposite corner said that it had been plowed up. He remembers that when he was a boy he remembers a few stones lying by the fence of the Pray’s Homestead, on the Southeast corner of the intersection. This was reported by Lawrence J. Webster in March 1975.

Click on this link for pictures and local names for Groveland cemeteries:





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